The “Indonesian’s” English

Hi, guys!

in this post, I use English for presenting something that I want to write about.

It’s about the use of English in my course.

I don’t want to say the name of the course, it’s international.

I join an English course in my town, Jember, Indonesia. I really enjoy being in the part of the class. My friends are welcoming me nicely, and they always make me laugh over and over.

My course teaches us about the right grammar, like how to use “it”, how to use simple tense, or many other tenses. Yeah, and we are pretty good in grammar.

As a dual-language user, sometimes, I can be a translator in my original language and English. And you know, Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian’s language) is a kind of language which uses alphabet as its written form. So, it’s almost as same as English. But not like Arabic, we can know the meaning in Bahasa Indonesia clearly because there is no swapping words. So, the arrangement of the words is just the way it is. We only have to translate word by word. While in English, the is a rule for “swapping words”.

For example :

Bahasa Indonesia : Celana merah (red pants)

                                Celana = pants, merah = red. It is swapped right?

and vice versa  : Rich man, in Bahasa Indonesia is “Orang Kaya”

                             Rich = kaya, man = orang.

Besides, the are many other rules in English, just like Japanese. Giving a “to be” is one of the rules. While in Indonesia, the are no “to be”.

For example : She is beautiful

                       in Bahasa Indonesia is, “Dia Cantik” (She = Dia, beautiful = cantik)

                       the “is” cannot be translated in Bahasa Indonesia.

just a few things about my language 🙂 for adding your knowledge 😀

here are words in my class which are classified as “Indonesian’s English” (translating word by word, without thinking the whole meaning of the sentence) :

– Malu-malu kucing = Shy shy cat

  which means shy ( I don’t know why there’s a cat/kucing)

– Pupuk bawang = Fertilizer onion

  which means too young to join the game

– Kemeja = to table (this one is so worrying -_-)

  which means shirt


You copy copy me” = “Kamu ikut-ikut aku”

Maybe the one who will laugh are the Indonesian’s reader, for those who are not, you will think that my post don’t have it’s point unless you have studied Bahasa Indonesia hardly.

That’s why, go see my country and explore some unique things in it!

Terima kasih 🙂


Penulis 😀





Let me write something about him

The first time when I saw you wasn’t like this

You didn’t look like this at all

I thought that you were gonna be the person that I hate


I hate your face which is like “pretty-girls”

I hate your sharp chin

I hate your hair

I hate everything in you

You know, I’m serious.

And I didn’t want to know you at all.


But then, a strange alien came to my mind

He was whispering me something

And you know, when I saw you write your answer in the whiteboard

I was so… Enchanted? No! It’s too great. You were like…

I don’t know, a strange feeling came to me.


So I started to adore you

I started to make my hearbeats sound hard and

I made myself hard to breathe when you were around me

Eventhough you were never talk to me, I can’t refuse the truth that I like you.


I told my mother everything about you

That you are smart, perfect, and really “boyish”

But in different way

I didn’t want someone knows about my feeling to you


Then one day, when I having a conversation with my close friends

I know something, something bad, and make me almost losing my mind

My friend told me that you already in love with another girl

She is much prettier than every girls in our school

She  has a good voice, good skin, you know, soft, bright and smooth


Well, I told myself that I shouldn’t cry

I shouldn’t pouring my precious tears for someone that is having no relation with me

But, I can’t. I just cried… But not really cried, maybe just… Feel desperate

Eventhough I know that you won’t like me

It’s like pouring a salt on the wide ocean


So, I just saw you on the stage

With your perfect performance

And smile which was couldn’t be founf by you


You dated that girl

And I was just stay at home, tryin’ to make myself comfortable


Then I hear news, that you broke up with your “super shiny girl”

Actually, I didn’t feel happy or something like that

But it was making me smile, smile of the winner


Well, so now, I’m on my way to make myself as shiny as your ex-girlfriend, well, shinier, maybe.

You know, I can get what I want if I have a strong will

You cannot stop me

I am a hurricane, unstoppable

Whenever you knock me out of your mind,

I will always knock your head to open and let me in.




Sorry, I scare you..

I don’t mind to…


But, please, for a moment, look at me

Look at this invisible girl

Look at this poor puppy

And find a great thing in her

So, you will make a girl smile.

And you will get a good gift from God.