My Dream List

Is it okay if I share my dreams?

lol, it must be OK 😉

Here’s my dream list, check it out!

1. Be better than now

2. Be able to play all music instruments especially violin, piano, and guitar

3. Be able to speak all languages in the world

4. Watch Taylor Swift’s concert live

5. Be interviewed on Ellen Show or Kick Andy (or other interviewing TV programs)

6. Travel the world

7. Wearing yukata

8. Go diving

9. Be able to shoot with arc and riding horse

10. Be able to use gun

11. Wanna be a movie director

12. an actress, for every genre. (especially action movie)

13. write one incredible and memorable novel ever

14. inventing a robot which can be used as your twin (?)

15. (wait, let me think. There are still many others)



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