Hey, it’s me!

Hi, all. I’m the one who own this blog.

I’m a sixteen year-old girl who still in a big study.

Well, I wanna be an astronomer 😉

Physical Appearance :

Long black hair, Dark brown eyes, tan skinned, about 5.33 feet tall. Just create a figure of me in your mind, if you have great imagination 🙂

I like Taylor Swift (that’s why I’m always publish posts about her)

and also chocolate (but not really)

sometimes, I don’t really know my “real” of myself.

I am pretty a good reader. I mean, if I’m in good mood to see many words contain some complications and need an imagination, I would like to do it. It is kinda my hobby.

I am  quite silent. I have  few friends 😦

But even though they just  few, they are very special for me 🙂

My biggest fear is myself.

the second is : future

and the third is : truth

Well, maybe you think that I am a weird person.

Whatever you think.

See my quote, “Don’t care about what people think about me”

I’m easy to be jealous.

Now, I really fond of Yana Toboso’s. It’s Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji). It’s kinda incredible anime and manga EVER!

I have a sister.

I’ll try my best to be the best of you, people, my friends, my haters, and myself.

Ohhkkaaay, that’s all about me.

Enjoy my blog, and let’s collect some happiness here!



PS : I have a simple name, aren’t I?

^_^kartun emboh


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