Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are singing for christmas

Halo, semua! Selamat natal, ya.. :)Semoga natal tahun ini merupakan natal terbaik bagi kalian semua!

Bagi Swifties dan Beliebers, kalian beruntung sekali. Karena natal kalian bisa ditemani oleh lagu-lagu asyik milik Taylor Swift dan Justin Bieber.

Taylor Swift, dengan albumnya yang berjudul “Sounds of the Season” akan menemani kita selama natal dan membuat hari kita makin asyik serta menyenangkan. album “Under the Mistletoe” milik Justin Bieber juga tak kalah asyik plus menghibur.

Oh, ya.. ada lagi satu lagu seriosa yang dinyanyikan oleh Jackie Evancho. Lagunya bikin merinding ^_^

Tracklist of Under the Mistletoe:

1.  Only Thing I Ever Get For Christmas
2.  Mistletoe
3.  The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) feat. Usher
4.  Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
5.  Fa La La feat. Boyz II Men
6.  Christmas Love
7.  All I Want For Christmas Is You Duet Mariah Carey
8.  Drummer Boy feat. Busta Rhymes
9.  All I Want Is You
10. Fa La La (acapella) feat. Boyz II Men (Deluxe Edition)
11. Christmas Eve
12. Home This Christmas feat. The Band Perry
13. Silent Night (Deluxe Edition)
14. Pray (Deluxe Edition)
15. Someday At Christmas (Deluxe Edition)

Tracklist of Sounds of the Season :

01.Last Christmas
02.Christmases When You Were Mine
03.Santa Baby
04.Silent Night
05.Christmas Must Be Something More
06.White Christmas




“Put your dream, 5 centimeters from your forehead”

Hey, everyone! I just watched a new spectacular movie from Indonesia. It called “5 cm”. It tells a story about five teenagers who always keep their friendship since they were in elementary school. They are Genta, who become the “leader” of them, Zafran, who likes to sing and make poems, Ian who is the fattest, Arial who is a great “Rambo”, then, Riani, the only girl in that “Power Ranger” team and also Dinda, Arial’s sister. This movie is actually about dream, friendship, love and hopes. But, the thing that make the movie feels spectacular is the scenery of the place where the movie taken. It was taken in Mahameru, the highest top in Java. You’ll see great scenery of Ranu Kumbolo. There are also Ranu Pani, and Arcopodo has a spiritual atmosphere. The story tells about how is the “battle” when we’re going to the top. There will be time when they feel tired, and happy. And also  story about love between Riani, Genta, Dinda and Zafran. But the point is we should put our dream 5 centimeters from your forehead, let it flew, let it hang, and whenever you feel like you want to despair, that dream will always be in your sight and makes your spirit back.


Let’s give our present to Taylor Swift!

Hey, everyone! Today is 13th of December! Do you know what is that mean?

It means everything, It means that I have to do a geography and english test, It means that today is Thursday, It means that my pen pal who lives in Wales celebrate her birthday, and the most special one is TODAY IS TAYLOR SWIFT’S BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!
 *give applause*

If I were Taylor’s boyfriend, I would give her a necklace

If I were Taylor’s best friend, I would give her a cat and it would be Meredith’s friend

Because I’m her fan, so I’ll give her happiness..

I really wish that I could give a special present for Taylor, but I’m so far and don’t have enough money for doing that ;'( I’m sorry, Taylor!

But I believe in Taylor’s mind, she says that her fans are so precious. So you can conclude that my gift is a trust.

That’s my gift, so what’s yours?

Actually, Taylor has sent me an invitation to come to her birthday party, but I’ve got to study tonight because tomorrow I’ll have a test, so I can’t come. Image